There are many companies that will sell you escape room games. Some are good, some are not so good. We have reviewed games from quite a few others.  We can honestly say this. We are very confident in our games. Our games are good.

When we sell you a game we promise this. We will not sell you more items than you need. It’s always wise to have a backup of everything, but we will not sell you what you don’t need. Seasoned owners would agree. For example, if you are starting out a new room, or a novice owner, you do not need a floor plan of the room. We can talk about square footage, but we leave the creative layout to you.

We can also say this. We are escape room owners; our games have been built by escape room owners. When you purchase a game from us, you can be sure that it has been played and tested by thousands of paying customers. But if you want a brand new room, or have an idea, we can certainly accommodate that.

We could have a flashier website, but the cost would be rolled onto the customers. So don’t be fooled, we don’t need a flashy website to provide you with high quality, fun and proven games.

So, what do you get from us?

- You get the game play itself (the most critical part- it makes you money), this comes with photos and step by step instructions on how to set up your room. It can also be used for following along during gameplay and works as a reset guide after a group is done.

- Our games are multi-linear games, everyone has something to do all the time and team work and communication are essential. To support that, we will provide you with a flow chart that will outline the flow of the room (or how one thing leads to another). This will also enable your game master to follow and direct the flow of the game.

- Any graphics or documents associated with the game.

Alongside all of that, we will be here to answer any questions that you may have when building out your room.

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